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Dragó Models

HAS ALWAYS celebrated diversity.

Minimum size, age and measurements do not play a GREATER role.
For high fashion models, the international guidelines determined by the industry, still apply:
Women between 174 to 185 cm in height and 90-60-90 (bust-waist-hips in cm).
Men between 184 to 192 cm height
We also REPRESENT other boards, such as CURVEY, FILM, COMMERCIAL, PETITE and much more.

Where there is no HEIGHT, WHEIGHT or

other RULES.
FOR US charisma and personality are what counts.

Please upload 3 images of yourself.

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Thanks for submitting!

If you have any problems uploading images, try to select all of them first. If there is any problems feel free to chat with us or just apply per email:

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